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There are some among us that can see and sense these energies. Now there is one among us that can actually photograph these energies for all to see. What you see will truly amaze you, what you see is real, these images are not just something that has been created for your titivation but to show us all that these other dimensions do exist and that they can and have been communicating with us in many ways since time immemorial.

These are not ‘doctored’ images, they are simply images taken with a standard cell phone camera and blown up to a viewable size.

We are all living spirits but the photos show there is another existence amongst us and it occupies the same time and space in which we exist. This belief is nothing new, it forms one of the cornerstones of the study of quantum physics which many learned scientists have been studying for many years now.
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The way people connect to the living spirit will determine what they will see within these images, therefore it is not my intention to explain what I personally see as I have learned over time that we all see what we need to see at this time to help us in our
own personal journey.

This site is as much about Michelle's journey as it is about
the images themselves and as time has passed the images
that Michelle has been able to take have grown in clarity and
the messages given have become clearer.

Spiritualography is the art of taking pictures of spirit as it manifests itself in our dimension. Which then leads to the following questions.......

Are there other dimensions within our own that we are not aware of and cannot see, or could it be that we are afraid to delve deeper?

What other energies are there at play in our world that we are not aware of?


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